Biological Tailor-Made: 2.5 Dimensional Fashion Pattern Cutting

2017    Composition for Film

The Biological Tailor-Made aims to speculate on an alternative form of fashion. Moreover, it aims to invert the system of the current fashion industry by improving the conventional pattern cutting techniques for emerging bio-material with the power of Bio-hacking. This work's proposal is a new form of custom made and haute couture, quite different from nowadays society's reliance on standardized sizes such as S, M, L, XL, and so on. This process of design is representative of a role of the future fashion designer as well as an alternative process of fashion design to effectively and beautifully use the emerging bio-material to shape three-dimensional garments. It can effectively express a curved surface shape to fit a woman's body: It also creates a possibility to introduce Bio-hacking into Fashion Design.

Design and Research: Kazuya Kawasaki
Supervisor: Dr. Daijiro Mizuno PhD (RCA)

Film: Hayate Kobayashi
Music: Kenta Tanaka
Project Assistant: Kotaro Sano
Model: Tamami Ohbuchi