Urban Composition#01 - Is the City Ours?

2018    Sound Installation

    This project aims to explore the possibilities of “urban compositions” by means of mashing up urban landscapes through the algorithmic sonication process using object detection software. As the modern city has various elements (e.g. nature, buildings, and human activities), by generating sounds through the eyes of machines, we aim to aurally re-represent alternative cityscapes. Our question is how unique sounds and spaces would be created by applying urban complexity in the eld of audiovisual composition.

    This sound installation was exhibited as a final deliverable of a workshop named “Cityours: Listening to the City” at Shibaura House, Tokyo on November 25th 2018. The workshop was lead by a Japanese urban planner Ayumi han and it aimed at improving civic-engagement by conducting several types of tactical intervention into the city.

Kenta Tanaka: Composition, Sound Programming
Keita Miyashita: Programming
workshop organizer: Ayumi Han, Keisuke Shimakage, Kenta Tanaka workshop partcipants: Soda Tomoe, Rintaro Ogiwara, Shohei Homma, Nanako Rikiishi
photo by Ryuichiro Suzuki