Project Jacquard: Speculative, Fashionable, Wearable

2016 - 2017    Sound Design / Creating UX Scenarios

The work aims to speculate on sartorial appearances of the future through blending fashion design and wearable technology.
Urban Play:
What if street-hacktivist fashion could redefine the way people play in the urban landscape? Today, street fashion, e.g. for skateboarders, is mixed with location-based augmented reality games to change the way we experience the urban landscape. We speculated about the future where fashion could redefine the way people play in the urban landscapes as a mixed reality.

What if mass-customizable fashion could adapt to the changing needs of the elderly? Today, we live in a rapidly aging society where every need is one-off and changing. We speculated on the future of garments that could support the changing needs of the elderly beyond physical appearance.

Information Corset:
What if self-changing fashion could control our body shape to manipulate the perception of beauty? Historically, women in the Western world manipulated their body shape using garments such as corsets, crinolines, and bustles. Today, we live in a society governed by information technology. We speculated on the post-human bodies that are completely designed through information.