Urban Sonification

This urban sonification project aims to (re)discover urban structures and the flow of time that are usually not felt. Kenta Tanaka invented a system of urban sonification utilizing a machine learning software You Only Look Once (YOLO) which enables computers to detect objects in movement. He then, exhibited a sound installation with the system and the idea of applying urban complexity in the field of sound arts. This audiovisual work attempts to find a new methodology of knowing how our time works through synchronizing the urban rhythms of Shibuya.

都市の構造や時間の流れを(再)発見するために、都市を可聴化した作品。物体検出ソフトウェアを用いて、映像内の動くオブジェクトを認識させ、各々のオブジェクトに紐づいた音を自動的に生成することで、都市の複雑な動きをサウンド・アートへと昇華させることを試みた。東京・渋谷の録画映像からの音(リズム)と、Houxo Queの作品群から生成される展示空間内の音(リズム)を平行させることでオルタナティブな時間知覚の仕方を発見しようと試みた。

This sound installation was exhibited for Shibuya Creative Center Exhibition: Closed Trial.

Date: February 4th 2018
Place: Design Koishikawa

Kenta Tanaka & Houxo Que